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Service No. Operator Name
1 Stagecoach Lincoln-Wellingore-Grantham
1/1A/2 Stagecoach Gainsborough Into Town
2/2A/2D/2X Stagecoach Lincoln-Washingborough-Branston
4 Stagecoach Lincoln-Monks Road-County Hospital
5 Stagecoach Lincoln-St Giles-Glebe Park
7/8 Stagecoach Lincoln-Ermine Estate
11/11A/12/12A Stagecoach Lincoln-Welton
13/14 Stagecoach Lincoln-Brant Road-Waddington
15/15A/15C/15X Stagecoach Lincoln-Cherry Willingham-Fiskerton
17/18 Stagecoach Lincoln-Ermine Estate
27 Stagecoach Lincoln-North Hykeham
29/29X Stagecoach Lincoln-Swanpool-Skellingthorpe
44/44A Stagecoach Lincoln-Boultham Moor-Birchwood
46 Stagecoach Lincoln-Witham St Hughs-Newark
53/53A/53B Stagecoach Lincoln-Market Rasen-Grimsby
66 Stagecoach Lincoln-Hartsholme-Birchwood
100 Stagecoach Lincoln-Gainsborough-Scunthorpe
533/535 Stagecoach Lincoln South Circular
543/544/570 Stagecoach North Hykeham Schools
566 Stagecoach Brant Road-City School-Lincoln
642/643/644 Stagecoach LSST Priory School
IT1/IT2 Brylaine Travel Boston-Fenside
IT3/IT4 Brylaine Travel Boston-Robin Hood Walk
IT5/IT6 Brylaine Travel Boston-Woad Farm-Fishtoft
1 Centrebus Earlesfield-Grantham-Alma Park
2 Centrebus Grantham-Harrowby Estate
3 Centrebus Grantham-Barrowby Gate
9 Centrebus Sunningdale-Grantham-Woolsthorpe
14 Centrebus Grantham-Great Gonerby-Downtown

Last Updated: 21/10/2017

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