True Times is the name of Lincolnshire's Real Time bus tracking project to enable passengers to find out how their bus service is running.

There are now three ways you can find out the information:

  • At the bus stop – Details are given on the on-street signs at key locations
  • On the web – This new service is detailed below
  • On your mobile phone – See How Do I SMS?.

Each bus stop on the real time routes has been allocated an 8 letter code. Follow the instructions on the screen to find the code for your bus stop. Bookmark this page or save the code in your mobile phone so you can check on the bus every time you travel to see if the bus is on time.

The list of services included so far:

Service No.OperatorName
1/1A/2StagecoachGainsborough Into Town
4StagecoachLincoln-Monks Road-County Hospital
5StagecoachLincoln-St Giles-Glebe Park
7/8StagecoachLincoln-Ermine Estate
13/14StagecoachLincoln-Brant Road-Waddington
15/15A/15C/15XStagecoachLincoln-Cherry Willingham-Fiskerton
17/18StagecoachLincoln-Ermine Estate
27StagecoachLincoln-North Hykeham
44/44AStagecoachLincoln-Boultham Moor-Birchwood
46StagecoachLincoln-Witham St Hughs-Newark
53/53A/53BStagecoachLincoln-Market Rasen-Grimsby
533/535StagecoachLincoln South Circular
543/544/570StagecoachNorth Hykeham Schools
566StagecoachBrant Road-City School-Lincoln
642/643/644StagecoachLSST Priory School
IT1/IT2Brylaine TravelBoston-Fenside
IT3/IT4Brylaine TravelBoston-Robin Hood Walk
IT5/IT6Brylaine TravelBoston-Woad Farm-Fishtoft
1CentrebusEarlesfield-Grantham-Alma Park
2CentrebusGrantham-Harrowby Estate
3CentrebusGrantham-Barrowby Gate
14CentrebusGrantham-Great Gonerby-Downtown

Not all buses are fitted with the equipment yet so if the service is being operated by a non-real time vehicle the scheduled time is shown. These journeys are displayed with an exclamation mark (!) on the on-street signs and mobile phone text reply.

The quickest way to find bus departure times is to use a bus stop code. If you do not know the code you can search by bus stop name or select one from the comprehensive bus stop list. Alternatively you can use a bus service number to see a full list of stops served by that service. Search for real-time or scheduled bus departure times by following one of the links in the Do It Online panel on the right hand side.

Last Updated: 13/12/2018

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